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At American Machines, we service what we sell, as well as machinery sold by others.

We supply punches, dies, saw blades, machine tool repair parts and service for most fabricating machinery in use today. Call or email to discuss your needs and one of our tooling or repair specialists will attend to your requirements, or recommend someone who will be able to help.

Need replacement blades or forming tooling? Often we can have what you need in your hands by the next business day. Have an OSHA guarding issue? Need a custom production forming line? We can help.

Custom Solutions

No two projects are identical and often machine tool applications require modification and customization to meet the requirements of the manufacturing process. We offer the technical expertise to deliver your project on time and within budget.

On Site Installation

American Machines offers on-site installation assistance and training with factory trained technicians for most of the machinery we provide. This assures your project is completed right from the start and your machine is making a return on your investment in the briefest amount of time. Additionally, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians may often suggest ways of optimizing the machine’s integration into your operations which may further enhance your company or facility’s productivity. In cases where on-site installation by our techs is not practical or logical in the case of a very small machine or small investment, our staff stands ready to assist by telephone, email and fax during your installation process. We want to earn your business and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Maintenance and Repair

We service what we sell. Whether it is a half million dollar investment in a 600 Ton Cincinnati Autoform Press Brake with the latest high tech productivity and enhanced options, or a six thousand dollar 45 Ton Ironworker we stand ready, trained and capable of keeping our customer’s equipment working for them and returning on their investments. Our technicians are often trained and familiar with competing brands and we service many of our competitor’s machines as well as discontinued orphaned (by manufacturers who are no longer in business) equipment. Our phones are answered live 24/7. We respond to you on the next business day with a plan to get your equipment up and running in the shortest time practicable. Recently, we put a new control console on a discontinued 5/8 in. x 8 ft. shear (not sold by us) manufactured by a Danish company which has been out of business for 5 years. This machine was purchased by the US Navy in Italy and is installed onboard a maintenance ship. Without this 2 lb. component, the machine was useless and had been so for nearly ½ year before we were contacted. We offer CNC controls and retrofits on large, expensive turning and chip making machines such as G & L.

Tooling and Parts

We can procure tooling and parts to your exact specifications at competitive prices, including many OEM parts.

Appraisal Services

Steve Krom, Machine Tool Specialist
Whether you need an appraisal for bank financing, valuation of a purchase or sale of appraised assets in a business, recapitalization of assets that have been depreciated due to time in service, appraisal for auction or an expert witness in litigation, please don’t hesitate to give our certified appraiser, give us a call at 800-853-9210 and we’ll put you in touch with Steve Krom.
Steve has been in the business of buying and selling machine tools and fabrication equipment for the last 33 years and became an accredited appraiser with the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers Association (AMEA) in 1982. In September of 1994 he successfully completed the AMEA level II exam and became a Certified Machinery & Equipment appraiser (CEA). At the present time he is an associate member of the American Society of Appraisers, (ASA) Seattle chapter. In addition, he was inducted into the Equipment Appraisers Association of America, EAANA, in December 1999 and has attained the rating of Certified Senior Appraiser (CSA).

Distributors & Wholesalers of Quality Fabrication Equipment

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