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ABCM 1250

ABCM 1250
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The Peddinghaus ABCM 1250/3 structural burning system combines Peddinghaus Patented Roller Feed accuracy with a multi-torch thermal cutting system to provide an automated solution for complex structural burning and coping requirements. From typical burning processes such as flange bevels, copes, blocks, flange thinning, cut-off, up to challenging cuts as haunches, castellations, and beam splitting, the ABCM 1250/3 delivers production.

Wide 1250 x 610 mm / 50 x 24 inch opening
Automated cutting routine
3 Torches
Automatic Web Torch Adjustment
Maximum Beam Size 50"
Minimum With Simultaneous Copes 3"
Minimum With Single Copes 3"
Blocks Maximum Length Unlimited
Maximum Length Unlimited
Minimum Width Web Thickness
Number of Torches 3
Weld Prep Top Flange Yes
Weld Prep Bottom Flange Yes
Probing Yes
Automatic Web Torches Adjustment Yes
Number of CNC Controlled Axis 4
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