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CGP-816 Grinder

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Product Details
New 8" x 16" universal cylindrical grinder with heavy duty hydrostatic spindle bearings

Hydrostatic bearings for precision grinding
Precision ballscrew with AC digital motor
Mitsubishi PLC control with touch screen
Wheelhead repeatability "0.000050"
Variable speed workhead 16-450rpm
Automatic dresser w/ compensation (opt)
Internal grinding attachment (opt)
Distance between centers 16"
Swivel Over Table 8"
Maximum Load of Centers 132lbs
I.D. Maximum Infeed Distance
Travel dist. beyond workhead center line 4.25" (opt.)
Swivel Angle " 30"
Infeed Travel 5.3"
Rapid Advance Retract (Max Travel Distance) 1"
Intermittent Feed (variable) N.C.Data Input
Auto Feed N.C. Data Input
Infeed Handwheel per rev 0.0394/rev.
0.0001" grad.
Plunge Grind Min/Max Feedrate N.C. Data Input
O.D. x Width x I.D 14"x1.5"x5"
Speeds (belt type) 1783/1940rpm
Swivel Angle CCW 90"; CW 30"
Center M.T. 3
Spindle Speed 16-450rpm
Center M.T. 3
Quill Travel 0.787"
Swivel Angle CCW 12"; CW 3"
Traverse Speed 2-160ipm
Min Traverse Length 1/8"
Table Handwheel per revolution 0.787"
Wheel Spindle 3HP
Workhead Spindle 1/2HP
Hydraulic Pump 1HP
Lubricating Pump/Coolant Pump/Int. Spindle. 1/4HP

Lubricating Tank/Hydraulic Tank/Coolant Tank 3 / 17 / 38 gals
Machine Length & Width 89" x 70"
Gross Weight 4400lbs.
Net Weight 3960lbs.
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