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CNC Tool Room Lathe - Model 1118H-CNC Plus

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CNC Tool Room Lathe - Model 1118H-CNC Plus A high precision toolroom CNC lathe that can operate using quick change tool holder or gang type tooling. Machine is equipped with Anilam 4200T 2 axis control, alloy steel bedways, spindle accuracy up to 50 millionth. Ideal for small, high precision work.


14-1/2 swing over bed ways, 12-3/8 swing over carriage, 6 swing over cross slide.

Machine can use Gang type tooling or quick change tooling with tailstock.

Positioning: +/- 0.000080, repeatability: +/- 0.000040, spindle run out 0.000050 TIR.

Programmable spindle speeds up to 4,000 rpm.

Constant Surface Speed.

Alloy steel used on full bed-width bearing surface with dovetail design.

Over size cross slide for extra rigidity.

Oversized preloaded ball screw supported at both ends by angular contact bearings.

AC servo motors for X and Z axis travel.

Anilam Model 4200T 2 axes CNC control.

Full CNC operation and complete manual operation.

Manual operation offers 1 hand wheel 2 axes simultaneous movement for cutting taper.

Make first part manually, subsequent parts automatically (teach-in function).

G-code or conversational programming.

2 front mounted electronic hand wheels (MPG).

Pneumatic power 5C collet closer (standard).

Automatic lube system with low level alarm.

CNC threading with multiple leads capability.

5 HP spindle motor.

Swing over bed 14.5"
Swing over carriage 12.37
Swing over cross slide 6
Tool Height 1/2"
Tooling Plate Size 7.5" x 12" (7.5"x15" opt.)
Maximum X-Axis Travel 9" (12" opt.)
Maximum Z-Axis Travel 5" (8" opt.)
Feed Rate 200 ipm
Rapid Traverse 500 ipm
Carriage Base Movement (Manual) 13.4"
Drive System (X & Z Axis) AC Servo Drive
Linear Guideway System 25mm by NSK
Ballscrews 20 mm (3/4"), C3 Precision Ground
Spindle Speed Range (Programmable) 100-4,000 rpm
Spindle Through Hole 1-1/16"
Spindle Collet, Chuck 5C, (6" chuck opt.)
Spindle Motor 5HP
Positioning +/- 0.00008"
Repeatability +/- 0.00004"
Spindle TIR 0.00005"
Anilam Model 4200T PC based, with 12.1" TFT active matrix screen, 8GB hard-disk, 8MB ram, 3.5" floppy drive, Conversational or G-code programming.
Electricity 220v, 60hz, 3 phase (440v opt.)
Coolant Pump Motor 0.25 HP
Net Weight (approx) 2,700 lbs

Anilam 4200T CNC controller
Handheld Manual Pulse Generator
2 axis AC servo drive system
Auto lube system with low level indicator
Coolant system with flexible nozzle
Pneumatic 5C collet closure
Back-mounted splash guard
Front-mounted chip guard
Halogen light
1/2 high tooling
7.5 x 12 tooling plate
220V/60/3phase or single phase

6 chuck with back plate
CNC control options
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