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E-Matic Super

E-Matic Super
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E-Matic Super

45 Bending Programs Auto-Cycle - 1,000s of Uses
Designed for Ornamental/Decorative Work as well as for High Production Manufacturing Applications
Our E-MATIC SUPER incorporates a rotary bending head, a wide stable base and digital programmable controls into a uniquely versatile package. Heavy Duty, Rugged unit is compact and easy to use. Tooling changes are rapid and simple. Application of the different attachments shown below or use of easily produced special tooling offers unlimited versatility

Examples of standard
off the shelf
tooling options:

PF Option Bar Brake/Folding Tooling Bend up to 1 Round Rod, 4 x 5/16 Flat Bar

D Option Bar Twisting Tooling Twist up to 7/8 Sq. 1-1/2 x 3/8 Flats

CT Option Tube Bending Tooling Bend up to 1-1/2 OD x .079 wall

CS/3 Option Scroll Tooling w/ 3 Formers Bend up to Sq. or Round 1-1/4 x Flats

CF Option Curve/Radius Tooling Bend up to 1 Round Rod, 2 x 9/16 Flat Bar

Custom Pneumatic powered
Vice & Mandrel

20" Diameter x 5/8" Bar

Special Tube Bending Dies

Custom Hot Bending

Custom CF Tooling

Custom CF Tooling

Main Drive : 4.50 HP
Speed : 7 rpm
Weight : 500 lbs
Memory : 45 steps
Controls : 24 VAC
Voltage : 220 3 60Hz
Dimensions : 34 x 25 x 39 h
Call for quotations, videos and brochures. Pricing on custom tooling easily provided, please send us a sketch or drawing or photograph of the parts you wish to produce.
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