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EAGLE BA20-CNC Universal Roll Bender

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Product Details
EAGLE BA20 - Three driven rolls, machine driven by a sophisticated & easy to program computer numerical control system

Personal Computer (PC) for virtually
endless programming capacity

Complete with hydraulic actuated forming roll, variable rotation, variable speed forming roll travel and built-in industrial PC with 3.5 floppy drive. This unit is ideal for creating variable radii shapes, spirals, ovals, production bends, polycentric forms, etc. using most any material type and profile cross section. The inclined guides of the forming roll permit bending of both large sections and small sections to small diameters. Being a production machine, the unit can be equipped with dedicated roll sets designed to bend the specific profile cross section and/or with a set of standard universal rolls for general bending purposes.


LED Digital Display to monitor top roll position

Industrial PC with 3.5 floppy drive for unlimited storage capability

Rugged steel frame, normalized, produced on CNC machining centers

Three driven shafts for optimum driving of the profile

High strength steel shafts, heat treated and ground, drive components and shafts journaled in roller bearings

Oil bath speed reducer and high efficiency final drive with bi-directional TEFC electric motor

Variable rotation speed using a motor converter and solid state electronic driver

Hydraulic powered forming roll, guide block moving on hardened slide-ways with protective cover

Hydraulic power unit with overload relief and P.O. non return valves, incorporated in the machine housing

Dual lateral material guides, four way adjustable and heavily dimensioned

Floor model machine operates in both vertical and horizontal positions and rests on isolating pads

Low voltage controls on remote pulpit with push buttons, heavy duty foot pedals and emergency stop

Linear transducer and digital display for precise repeat positioning of the bending roll

Coiling, pipe bending, wide flat bending and other special tooling available

material BA20
1x1/4 8"
1-3/4x3/8 10"
1/2 5"
3/4x3/16 8"
3/4x3/16 10"
1 5"
1 6"
1-1/4 8"
1-1/4 10"
1/2 4"
1/2 12"
1" 16"
3/4x1/16 12"
Bending Adjustment H
Driven Rolls 3
speed fpm 0-25 FPM
plane Vertical
control CNC
powr HP 0.75
dimensions 13x24x45h
wt lbs. 1150
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