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FOR THE CUSTOMER WHO HATES TO WAIT... New FGP-608LM 3 Axis closed loop linear motor drive grinder is designed for precise, small-lot work that demand extremely high speed on very short strokes.
Up to 2.5G acceleration
720 times/minute at 5/8" stroke
328fpm table speed

In a test cut on this tungsten carbide workpiece, the grinder made 35 slots 1/8" deep and 0.006" wide in 3 hours & 30 minutes! Pitch error is at 0.000080" and perpendicularity is 0.00016"
The table (X axis) is driven by a high speed linear motor which can deliver 2362ipm table speed. The linear motor is cooled by an oil chiller to prevent internal thermal growth.

All machine main frame components are Meehanite cast iron, PRO-E designed and FEA structure-analyzed offering optimal damping, superior rigidity and reduced deflection during high speed grinding.

The saddle is fixed to the large, box type all-Meehanite cast iron machine base. All linear ways on XYZ axes. Advantages:

Low friction
Reduced machine vibration during high speed movement
More stability/smooth movement
Increased accuracy
Reduced cycle times
No stick-slip

Industry-proven grinding machine spindle technology: large diameter spindle supported by 4 ultra precision angular contact ball bearings. Adjustable grinding head swivel angle with 5 adjusting range to meet various grinding applications.

Left: FANUC 18iM control with FANUC linear motor - 2.5G table acceleration; 400 times per minute table reverse & 3937ipm table speed

Right: Smart controller with PC based control and SIEMENS linear motor-1.8G table acceleration; 300 times per minute table reverse & 2362ipm table speed

6" x 8" work area
0.0001" X & 0.000040" YZ axis repeatability
2,000-10,000rpm spindle motor
Slim design with small footprint
Conversational programming/G-code (Smart Control)
G-code (FANUC 18iM)
With the machine's combined speed and precision, users get accelerated cycle times,
reduced non-grinding time and increased productivity.

Table Size 6" x 8"
Max Dist From Table to Ctr 14"
Max Cross Travel 11.4"
Least Input Increment 0.000020"
Spindle RPM 2,000-10,000rpm
Spindle HP 5HP
Linear Motor 5.6HP
Magnetic Chuck 6.9" x 4"
Grinding Wheel 8" x 0.2"-0.5" x 1.25"
Control SMART or FANUC 18iM
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