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These multi-purpose CNC profile grinders are specially designed for heavy duty creepfeed grinding as well as complicated profile grinding with ultra fine surface finish and super precision accuracy.
They can execute multiple grinding applications with fully automatic wheel dressing with compensation, enabling them to run unattended for hours.

Chevaliers Customized Canned Programs make these machines so easy to use, all the operator needs is to fill in the blanks as prompted.


FANUC OM 3 axis (B2440CNC)
FANUC OM 2 axis (All others)
16" x 3" x 5" wheel
Diamond dresser w/ diamond
Splash guard
Hydraulic chiller (exc. for B2440CNC)
Wheel flange
Leveling bolts and pads/foundation bolts
Crossfeed slideway system features linear slideways, precision ballscrews Positioning accuracy/repeatability is within 0.0001.

FANUC AC digital servo motors High load carrying capacity, speed and accuracy

Double V longitudinal slideways Improved structural rigidity and stability

Hydraulic counterweights in the spindle head Eliminates backlash and premature wear of elevating ballscrew

Ribbed and stress-relieved all-Meehanite cast iron column and guideway system Resists flexing and vibration

Automatic lubrication system with pressure sensor Monitors lubrication pressure and automatically shuts the machine down when pressure drops

Hardened and ground elevating square ways and Turcite-B lamination in the slideways. Smooth and stable travel

Extended base guideways for longitudinal and crossfeed Full table and column support

Covered guideways Less maintenance, longer guideway life
B model machines: table is driven by a precision ballscrew and FANUC AC digital servo motor for creepfeed grinding.

H model machines are hydraulic driven. A hydraulic oil chiller in the H models minimizes heat buildup during heavy machining conditions.

Table Size 24"x40" 24"x40" 24"x60" 24"x80"
Max Dist fr Table Surface
to Spindle Centerline 33.46" 33.46" 33.46" 33.46"
Max Travel X Axis 43 3/8" 43 3/8" 63" 82.7"
Max Travel Z Axis 26 3/4" 26 3/4" 26 3/4" 26 3/4"
Table Speed 16-82ipm 16-82ipm 16-82ipm 16-82ipm
Rapid Travel, Cross 0-16ipm 0-16ipm 0-16ipm 0-16ipm
Max Travel, Cross 27.95" 27.95" 27.95" 27.95"
Rapid Travel, Vert. 0-19.7ipm 0-19.7ipm 0-19.7ipm 0-19.7ipm
Std Grinding Wheel 16"x3"5" 16"x3"5" 16"x3"5" 16"x3"5"
Microfeed 0.0001" 0.0001" 0.0001" 0.0001"
Spindle Speed 1700rpm 1700rpm 1700rpm 1700rpm
Power Rating 15HP 15HP 15HP 15HP
Maximum Load 3300lbs 3300lbs 3993lbs 4400lbs
Shipping Weight 22330lbs 22330lbs 25410lbs 26950lbs
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