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3 axis microprocessor control
Low vibration spindle motor
Double "V" guideway system
Hydraulic longitudinal feed
Motor driven crossfeed
Manual & automatic downfeed device

Table traverses on hardened & ground guideways w/ steel ball bearings Benefit: Smooth and accurate movement

Double "V" guideway system Benefit: Full table support and low friction

High precision cartridge type spindle with labyrinth type seal Benefit: better grinding accuracy and improved surface finish; superior water resistance.

Table reversing mechanism Benefit: Proximity switches let the operator set the right stroke for each workpiece, saving grinding time.

Elevating microfeed device Benefit: Precision 0.0001" graduated microfeed device (worm & wormgear design) ensures precise positioning of the cross axis.


Table Size 12" x 24"
Max Distance fr Table Surface to Spindle Center Line 24 3/4"
Longitudinal Movement of Table Longitudinal Movement, Hydraulic 25 5/8"
Maximum Travel, Manual 27 1/2"
Table Speed, Inf Variable 16-82fpm
Cross Transverse Travel Rapid Travel 56ipm
Auto Transv Increment 0.04-0.5"
Max Auto Transv Travel 14 1/8"
Max Man Transv Travel 14 1/2"
Wheelhead Vertical Infeed Automatic Infeed 0.0001"-0.0002"
Handwheel / revolution 0.1"
Handwheel / graduation 0.0005"
Rapid Travel 13ipm
Microfeed / revolution 0.01"
Microfeed / graduation 0.0001"
Standard Grinding Wheel Diameter x width x bore 14" x 2" x 5"
Net Weight 4630 lbs
Floor Space 105" x 72" x 75"
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