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Gingras SPB 12-320 Shear/Press Brake

SPB 12-320
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The GINGRAS Shear/Press-Brake is the only machine offering the possibility of combining the functions of a shear and a press-brake. In only 10 seconds, the upper ram rotates 180 degress, thus transforming the shear into a press-brake, or vice versa. The positioning is secured with two hydraulic taper cylinders inserted into hardened bushings. A variable pressure pump feeds the entire hydraulic system. The hydraulic components of the machine are its vital organs, and, as a result, particular attention is paid to the making of the pistons and rods. The making of these parts is subject to the strictest quality control. In addition, the tubes used in the main cylinders are chrome-plated to reduce wear and the risks of damage. The hydraulic system is located at the base of the machine for easy maintenance.

Specifications: With 12ft. clear span and and ability to shear 3/4" thick by 12ft. mild steel or 1/2" x 12ft. stainless steel. 320 ton, by 12ft. capacity press brake with 150" clear span between housings.

SPB 12-320
Shearing Capacity
Bending Capacity
Distance between Housings
Back Gauge
Table Height
Open Height
Approach Speed
Bending Speed
Return Speed
Blade Length
3/4 x 12'

320 tons x 12', 1/2" x 12' in mild steel

40" ball-screw-assisted displacement
7 1/2"
188" (approx.)
78 1/2"
106 1/2"
45 in./min.
0 to 25 in./min.
90 in./min.
154"(in 38 1/2" sections)
50 HP
70,000 lb (approx.)
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