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HMT 2" All-Electric CNC Tube Bender

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Brand: Horn Machine Tools

The HMT 2.0ECNC-MS is a 2” capacity all-electric, multi-stack CNC tube bender designed to run 24 hours per day, seven days per week.It is one of the fastest tube benders in the world and features a BendPro G2v2 control system.These all-electric machines include an “automatic setup” feature because the machine has no manual adjustments such as jack screws.The software control automatically moves the tools using electric servo motors and drives to their correct starting positions.Program development is extremely fast since 3D CAD files (step or iges formats) can be imported directly into the parts editor.All machines include start-up and training (on site) and safety laser floor scanners.

Video Link:https://vimeo.com/241233480

Model Styles Available:

HMT 2.0E-MS….. Multi-stack CNC

HMT 2.0E-SS…… Single Stack CNC

HMT 2.0E…… Single Bend, No Carriage

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