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HVAC Plasma Cutters

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HVAC Plasma Cutters and 3D fitting cutting machines
for the 3-D sheetmetal industry.

New EastCoast HVAC Fitting
Plasma Cutting Machine

Our machines are the strongest machines available on the market. The frames and gantrys are constructed of 3X5 and 3X3 thick walled steel tubing. All have Thompson 60 case linear support rails, Thompson Super Smart Ball Bushing Pillow Block Bearings, coupled with heavy duty rack and pinon drive system assure long life and accuracy that will meet any sheet metal manufacturers standards.

And now Acoustic Lining cutting is available on all our machines. No changing of mechanical parts, our MAKER software does it all!

Theres never been a better time to increase productivity, while reducing labor costs. Why spend thousands more to cut liner or why dedicate precious shop space for a separate table when you can cut both metal and liner on the same machine?

All of our plasma cutting machines are priced below other manufacturers. Whether your looking for your first plasma, replacing an existing one or adding a second, EastCoast is the best investment you can make.

Model Size Description Pricing
EC-1000S 5 X 10 Plasma Cutting $44,995
EC-1000A 5 X 10 Acoustic Lining Cutter $39,995
EC-1000SA 5 X 10 Plasma & AC Lining $59,995
EC-1000DL 5 X 20 Plasma, Dual table. $54,995
EC-1000DLA 5 X 20 Plas, AC Lining Dual table $69,995
6' wide tables are an additional $10,000.00

Lease for as little as $795 per month !
Installation & Training Optional.

System includes machine side computer, Windows 2000 electronic control and pickoff system, basic rectangular fitting library, reports, 2-D labels and nesting.

*Optional fitting libraries, advanced true shape nesting 3-D shop labels, Bar-Code tracking options available with East Coast shuttle table. Other machine models available!
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