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Light Duty Plasma Cutters

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Product Details
SteelTailor P - Portable CNC Plasma / Oxyfuel Cutting System

Technical Data

Model HBST2005LCD-1200*2000
Input Power 220V/110 V 50-60 Hz
Rated Power 180W
Efficient Cutting Range X Axis : (50") - Y Axis (98")
Y Axis: Can be extended till 5500mm(216")
Dimensions of LCD 5.7"
Cutting Thickness( Flame ) 0.2"-5.9"(6-150mm )
Weight 70.5kg (156 lbs )
Type of Cutter Oxy - Fuel or Plasma
Applicable Cutting Fuel Acetyene , Propane , LPG , Gasoline
Fuel Pressure Max.0.1MPa (14.5 PSI )
Oxygen Pressure Max.1.5MPa (218 PSI )
Cutting Software FastCam
Z Axis Manually Adjustable, Inclinable
What is SteelTailor P

SteelTailor P is a portable CNC Cutting Machine.It can cut any complex plane figures as the large-sized gantry CNC cutting machine and support both flame torch and plasma cutter. It is affordable for all enterprises and workshops. The compact design and rational structure make it lightweight_small size and easy to move. It is usable both indoors and outdoors.

By using high quality controllers in its automation system and antimagnetic materials in its housing, SteelTailor P guarantees a reliable and stable CNC operation.

The application of the most up-to-date CNC technology allows independent programming from numerical control . equipment failure and maintenance difficulty are reduced.

The integration of FastCam cutting software makes drawing, nesting and cutting simple and efficient. The software provides high level of material utilization & optimization.


SteelTailor P is an ideal equipment for the small and medium-scale enterprises, SteelTailor P portable CNC Cutting Machine can be widely applied in industries such as automobile_shipyard_locomotive_petrochemical_aviation and aerospace_boiler and pressure vessel_machinery_decoration and large-size metallic signs. The cutting and blanking of metal plates such as carbon steel (flame cutting) and stainless steel_copper_aluminium etc. (plasma cutting) can all be peformed by SteelTailor P. It is a replacement of hand-held flame torch_hand-held plasma cutter, profile and pantographic shape cutting machines.

Easy to Start, Program and Nest

Drawing made by the provided FastCAM software is automatically converted into a cutting programme.The FastCAM drawing of part is prepared,nested and directly transformed into cutting-required G-code file after suitable selection of programming parameters. The G-code file is then stored form the PC to a memory key which will be plugged in the USB port of SteelTailor P. The file is loaded and then makes the cutting start.Drawing made using AutoCAD are translated into cutting programme by FastCAM and are directly usable by SteelTailor P.

SteelTailor P Standard Package

The standard SteelTailor P package contains:

Longitudinal rails frame
Transversal Beam
Central Unit
Universal Torch Holder
Oxy-fuel torch Assembly
Tips for oxy-propane
All necessary electrical cables
Memory key
FastCAM Software (Basic version)
User's manual
The following accessories may be ordered:

Twin oxy-fuel hose
Acetylene tip
FastCAM professional version
Plasma cutters
Convenient and Flexible File Transmission

Supporting USB port, files can be transmitted easily form a PC to the machine.

24 Hours Technical Support

The after sale technical support is provided by the our online after sale department on 24 hours availability basis.

World Wide Technical Support Team Up with FastCam

Technical support & product maintenance of FastCam software will be provided by international operations of FastCam from the USA, Australia and China.
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