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MB-350NC Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Bender

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Applications: The MB-350 Mandrel Bender is the perfect machine for bending tight radi (down to 1-1/2 times the OD) of round tube and pipe, as well as square tubing. This mandrel exhaust pipe bender was designed specifically for the small fabricator who wants an exhaust bender for bending from 1" up to 3" OD in mild and stainless steel. We invested heavily in coming up with the right design allowing this machine to be extremely user friendly, and forgiving of slight changes in material.
Besides mandrel bending exhaust pipe this machine would be used for bending auto and bike chassis, auto aftermarket accessories, hand railing and much more.
This mandrel exhaust bender is good for small to medium production runs. The simple design, heavy construction and easy to use operator interface allows for quick change overs, quality bends and descent production cycles.

Touch screen operator interface with capability to program up to 140 programs, with up to 10 bends per program.
10 Foot Extraction Table
Rotary positioning carriage with 4 manual stops.
Tooling is additional per customers bending requirements. Tooling changes for different materials, wall thickness and center line radius. Set up of tooling consists of: 1 - Rotary Bending Die; 2 - Clamp Die; 3- Pressure Die; 4 - Mandrel; 5 - Wiper Die
Max Bending Strength Capacity:

Round Mild Steel - 3"OD x .125" Wall
Round Aluminum - 3"OD x .188" Wall
Round Stainless - 3"OD x .065" Wall
Square Mild Steel - 2"x2" x .188" Wall
Solid Bar Mild Steel - 1.181"OD

Additional Specifications: Right handed mandrel pipe bender
Single Stack Tooling
Bend axis is driven by electrical mechanical drive system. Linear feed and plane of bend rotation are by rotary degree positioning carriage with linear scale and 4 manual linear stops.
User friendly touch screen interface allows for storage of programs, speed of bend changes, amp meter readings, counter for number of bends, and spring back values.
Clamp die has hydraulic and mechanical locking system that reduces the possibility of slippage.
Mandrel extractor uses powerful hydraulic system to insert, hold, and extract the mandrel. Also employed is an adjustable mandrel positioning device.
Follower die is positioned and held tight against rotary die and wiper die.
Foot pedal control works in conjunction with touch screen instructions. On screen safeties ensure improper operations can not be completed.
Maximum Bend Radius - 12" CLR
Maximum Angle - 190
Maximum Length over Mandrel - 10"
Bending Speed (DOB) - 18 degrees per second
Accuracy of DOB - +/- 0.50
Machine Weight - 2100 lb
220V x 60Hz x 3 Phase

This exhaust benders tube bending capacity may vary depending on OD (outside diameter), WT (wall thickness), CLR (centerline radius), material (aluminum, mild steel, aluminum, chromoly, etc.), and supply of material. RMD retains the right to amend designs to our tube benders from time to time without any prior notice. The buyer must provide 10 pieces of test bending material for each different die and mandrel size specified. The machine will be tested with tooling and material before shipment. Manufacturer reserves the right to hold shipment until successful testing has been performed. If desired, factory onsite training can be hired. Baileigh Industrial's mandrel benders provide quality, precision and ease of operation at reasonable prices.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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