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P 60T

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P 60T Lot's of customers just need a punching application, that's why we designed the Kingsland P, DP, and DPX models.

All machines have the cylinder center lined with the die to guarantee minimum tool wear.

Standard throath depth on the P model is 25". The stroke is adjustable and a large XY table with adjustable stop makes it very easy to position the sheet.

The DP machine has 2 punching stations which can be operated simultanously. The DPX has a 25" throat on one side while the other side has the standard throat depth.

Both sides have adjustable stroke length control.

Increase your punching productivity with our CNC controlled X/Y copy table. Program all hole positions on the CNC control and let the stop position automatically.

Our automatic X/Y positioning tables use servo motors with high precision encoder and ballscrews to ensure a very accurate positioning of the stop.

We offer 2 controls: the non-graphical K210 with LED display and the graphical M600 with monochrome LCD display.

You can also use this punching machine for bending, pipe coping, louvring or purchase a large corner notching unit as shown in the picture.

We also design custom made tools for every application on request.

P 60 Ton

Rated Capacity

60 Ton
Max. Capacities

1-1/8" x 5/8"
Dia. x Thickness

1-1/2" x 1/2"
Max. Stroke lenght

Standard Throat Depth - P Model

Standard Throat Depth - DP Model

12 + 12
Standard Throat Depth - DPX Model

12 + 25
Largest Hole - Std Equipment

Largest Hole - Opt Equipment

Working Height

Max. Section Flange Punch


Motor 7-1/2 HP
Nett. Weight 3,054 lbs
Machine Dims. (LxWxH) 66" x 28" x 66"
Bending (Option)

Max. Bar Size 10 X 1/2"
Max. Sheet Size 24 X 1/4"
Notching (Option)

Material Thickness 3/8"
Width 1-3/4"
Depth: Vee - Rect. 2-3/8" - 3-1/2"
Corner Notch 10 sq x 1/4"
Tube: Max. Dia 3-1/4"
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