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Pedrick M-Series Bending Machine

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Pedrick M-Series Bending Machine The M-Series bender is a unique machine that can bend in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions on the same set up with virtually no changeover. All Pedrick benders have an M-Series counterpart. The M-Series bender has the same capacity as the standard bender. The top of the machine has been significantly modified (hence the name M-Series) to accept the tooling to bend in both directions. The dies are fastened to the stop arm. The stop arm can be placed in one of two positions to determine which mode of operation is to be used. The position of the stop arm automatically orients the die for that mode of operation and selects the appropriate set of electrical relays.

The M-Series bending machines dies have two holdback clips; one for each mode of operation. The holdback clips enable the operator to make minimum tangent bends in both directions! These features combined, enable the operator to make an unlimited variety of bend configurations in and out of plane! It is very important to verify the phasing of the incoming line at the time of installation.
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