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Pedrick Model A-1 Bending Machine

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Pedrick Model A-1 Bending Machine The Model A-1 is the smallest bender manufactured by Pedrick. We call it "The Small Wonder". It was designed in response to requests for a benchtop bender for smaller materials. It is very popular for hydraulic tubing, furniture tubing (1 inch OD), and a variety of manufacturing applications requiring bending of small metal rods and straps. This bender is manufactured with the same high quality components as its larger counterparts. We use heat treated alloy steel forgings, spherical roller bearings, NEMA 12 electrics, and right-angle, helical gear drives. The bender to the right is shown bending 7/8 inch OD CREW tubing to a 2 5/8 inch (3D) centerline radius. In addition it is shown with optional auxiliary limit switches and a selector switch for multiple angle selection.

Number HP Bending
Moment Pipe
Capacity Tube
Capacity(crew) Round
Barstock Approx.
Weight Spindle
Diameter Floor

A1 1 2,800 IN-lbs 3/4 IN SCH 40 1 IN OD x .125 WT 3/4 IN OD 650 LBS 2 IN 2 ft x 2 ft
.75 kW 349 N-m 26.6 MM 25 MM x 1.6 MM 19 MM 295 KG 50.8 MM .75 M x .75 M

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