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Pedrick Model B-10 Bending Machine

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Pedrick Model B-10 Bending Machine

The Pedrick Model B-10 bender offers an exceptional value. It is a heavy duty bending machine that creates a bending moment of 75,000 inch-lbs. This is three times the capacity of the Pedrick Model A-7 bending machine at less than two times the price! Like all Pedrick benders, this model is typically supplied with limit switches, which can be set for repetitive bending. Digital controls are also available. The bender shown on the left is tooled to bend 3/8 inch x 12 inch A36 plates to 1 1/2 inch inside radius, 0-180 degrees. Dies were provided to bend a variety of plate sizes up to and including 1/2 inch x 12 inch plates to bend radii ranging from 1 1/2 inch to 12 inch. A large shipbuilding company uses the bent parts for cable collars through bulkheads.

Number HP Bending
Moment Pipe
Capacity Tube
Capacity(crew) Round
Barstock Approx.
Weight Spindle
Diameter Floor
B-10 10 75,000 IN-lbs 2 1/2 IN SCH 80 2.7/8 IN OD x .187 WT 2 1/2 IN OD 6500 lbs 4 1/2 IN 4 ft x 4 ft
7.5 kW 8500 N-m 73 MM 73 MM x 5.2 MM 64 MM 2955 kg 114 MM 1.2 M x 1.2 M
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