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Pedrick Model D-10 Bending Machine

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Product Details
The Model D-10 is a very powerful machine. It is supplied with a two piece spindle. This model has become a standard in many forging shops that bend large solid barstock. Like all Pedrick benders this machine provides a tremendous bending force yet doesn't require a great deal of floor space. The bender shown to the right is set up to bend 3 1/2 inch OD x .562 WT stainless steel tubing to a 10.5 inch (3D) centerline radius. This was required by a company that manufactures hydraulic systems. This bender has been installed in many power and steam generating plants for plant maintenance.

Number HP Bending
Moment Pipe
Capacity Tube
Capacity(crew) Round
Barstock Approx.
Weight Spindle
Diameter Floor
D-10 10 100,000 IN-lbs 3 IN SCH 80 3 1/2 IN OD x .312 WT 3 IN OD 7000 lbs 4 1/2 IN 4 ft x 5 ft
7.5 kW 11300 N-m 88.9 MM 89 MM x 7.9 MM 76 MM 3175 kg 114 MM 1.2 M x 1.5 M
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