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Pedrick Model D-15 Bending Machine

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Pedrick Model D-15 Bending Machine

The Model D-15 is the most popular large bender that is manufactured by Pedrick. Like the Model A-7 it is used in many maintenance applications. It is typically supplied with a 4 1/2 inch OD, heat treated, alloy steel, one piece center spindle. When added flexibility is required we can supply the machine with a two piece center spindle. With this feature one machine can be tooled to bend 1/2 inch to 4 inch schedule 80 pipe! We have shipped this model all over the world. It is in use by manufacturers of industrial compressors, turbines, and by companies that have a requirement to bend large diameter heavy walled tubing. In the foreground of the photograph to the left there is a zero tangent bend produced in 4 inch schedule 80 IPS.

Number HP Bending
Moment Pipe
Capacity Tube
Capacity(crew) Round
Barstock Approx.
Weight Spindle
Diameter Floor
D-15 15 150,000 IN-lbs 4 IN SCH 80 4 1/2 IN OD x .375 WT - 7500 lbs 4 1/2 IN 5 ft x 5 ft
11.25 kW 17000 N-m 101.6 MM 101 MM x 9.5 MM - 3401 kg 114 MM 1.5 M x 1.5 M
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