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Pedrick Model D-20 Bending Machine

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Product Details
Pedrick Model D-20 Bending Machine The Model D-20 shares the same platform as the Model D-15. It has heavier gears, bearings and a 20 HP geardrive. While this bending machine is rated for bending 5 inch IPS it is more frequently used for bending 4 inch schedule 80 IPS high tensile steel and heavy walled boiler tube. These machines have been popular with the United States Navy for many years. Like our smaller benders this machine is supplied with a three phase motor with an electric brake. The brake insures accurate bend angles and repositioning at the end of a bending cycle.

Number HP Bending
Moment Pipe
Capacity Tube
Capacity(crew) Round
Barstock Approx.
Weight Spindle
Diameter Floor
D-20 20 180,000 IN-lbs 5 IN SCH 40 5 1/2 IN OD x .250 WT - 8000 lbs 4 1/2 IN 5 ft x 5 ft
14.9 kW 20337 N-m 127 MM 127 MM x 6.5 MM - 3600 kg 114 MM 1.5 M x 1.5 M
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