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Pedrick R-Series U-Bolt Bending Machines

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Pedrick R-Series U-Bolt Bending Machines

R-Series bender is designed to produce round and square U-Bolts in solid barstock in one bending operation. This machine is extremely fast. It has cycle time of 6 seconds and it can handle 1 3/4 inch OD alloy steel bar stock! The R-Series bender has a unique patented design. The bending arm rotates like a standard bender. The center spindle also rotates but at one half the speed of the bending arm. When a part is being bent it is loaded symmettrically. This feature enables the machine to make two bends simultaneously to produce a square U-Bolt. Another benefit is that round U-Bolts are produced with excellent symmetry. This is difficult to achieve in alloy bar stock on conventional benders. Finally, the dies are very easy to make for this bender. They can be saw cut from C-1018 plate.

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