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RDB-100 - Manual Pipe Bender

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"Our need to bend very thick brass pipe, schedule 160, limited our choices in pipe bending equipment. After working with the staff at Baileigh, we decided to purchase the model 100 pipe bender. We are pleased with the results we get with it. The simple design makes it easy to use. Its rugged construction will serve us well for many years."
-- Morgan Manifold Systems

Specifications and Capacities: RDB-100
Mild Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 1"
Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40) 1"
Stainless Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) .75"
Mild Steel Round Tube (Wall) 1.75" (.083)
Aluminum Round Tube (Wall) 2" (.125)
Stainless Steel Round Tube (Wall) 1.5" (.083)
Chromolly Round Tube (Wall) 1.5" (.083)
Mild Steel Solid Rod 1"
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall) 1" (.125)
Minimum OD .25"
Maximum Speed to 180 Degrees N/A
Maximum Center Line Radius (CLR) 7"
Minimum CLR .5"
Power Requirements N/A
Weight (Lbs.) 290
Length 42"
Width 22"
Height 42"
Unique ratcheting mechanism allows you to bend easily by simply pulling a lever. Each pull delivers 10 of movement.
Bends pull out in seconds (no disassembly required.)
Manual pipe benders have a maximum capacity of 1" Schedule 40 pipe, 1" square & 1-3/4" tube
Our model 100 manual tubing bender is a great fabricating machine for general shop use or light production work.
If fabricator has several RMD tubing benders, tooling is interchangeable reducing tooling costs.
RMD tube benders have a heavy duty construction and design that offers more power with less effort.
Bend Material: Round or square tubing, pipe, flat stock, angle iron, or solid rod.
No pins to move or re-engaging to reach 206 degrees; this is accomplished by anti-reverse stop latch.
Highly visible degree dial improves accuracy.
RMD tube benders have die sets that allow for extremely tight radii for non-mandrel bending.
Our tube benders have a non-proprietary die spindle head that allows end user to fit machine with their own tooling if desired.
Built to the same high quality standards as all other RMD tubing benders.
RMD tube benders are made in USA!
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