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RDB-175- Pipe Bender

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Product Details
Specifications and Capacities: RDB-175
Mild Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 2"
Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40) 2"
Stainless Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 1.5"
Mild Steel Round Tube (Wall) 2.5" (.125)
Aluminum Round Tube (Wall) 2.5" (.156)
Stainless Steel Round Tube (Wall) 2.375" (.125)
Chromolly Round Tube (Wall) 2" (.125)
Mild Steel Solid Rod 1.25"
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall) 2" (.125)
Minimum OD .25"
Maximum Speed to 180 Degrees 12 Seconds
Maximum Center Line Radius (CLR) 9"
Minimum CLR .5"
Power Requirements 110V
Weight (Lbs.) 630
Length 44"
Width 28"
Height 42"
* CLR capacity is variable depending on material

The RDB-175 pipe bender is a powerful machine capable of bending 2" Schedule 40 pipe and up to 2-1/2" tubing with a wall thickness of .120" mild steel. This style of bender (RDB-150) was introduced to the market by Baileigh Industrial in 2002 and now has thousands in the field working flawlessly every day.

The RDB-175 pipe bender is capable of a 9" center line radius, and can easily bend 2 times the outside diameter depending on the wall thickness of the material. This model is a high speed version that returns at almost 300% of the bend rate, that increases production dramatically. This is a hands free model that is foot pedal controlled, great for serpentine bends like bike racks.

Programming is true since that the die head is measured instead of cylinder placement which doesn't give you true placement of the angle like other machines on the market do. We have increased the CLR to 9" that will take care of 90% of most applications. The RDB-175 pipe bender has a fast and accurate ratcheting counter die positioner allowing for accute adjustments for the most finicy materials.

This is the perfect tubing bender for round pipe or tube, and square tubing. Inquire within to find out why this is most popular brand of benders in North America.

Specifications subject to change without notice.
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