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"We have been struggling with 90 consistent bends on 2" Stainless Sch 40 Pipe, we purchased a RMD 350 bender and solved our problem. The staff was excellent to work with, they even let us bring in pipe to test the machine. Also purchased a notcher, notches fit every time, Excellent."
-- P&D Metal Works, Inc.

Specifications and Capacities: RDB-350
Mild Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 2.5"
Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40) 3"
Stainless Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 2"
Mild Steel Round Tube (Wall) 3" (.187)
Aluminum Round Tube (Wall) 3.5" (.250)
Stainless Steel Round Tube (Wall) 3" (.125)
Chromolly Round Tube (Wall) 2.5" (.125)
Mild Steel Solid Rod 1.5"
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall) 3" (.125)
Minimum OD .25"
Maximum Speed to 180 Degrees 16 Seconds
Maximum Center Line Radius (CLR) 24"
Minimum CLR .5"
Power Requirements ***220V (3-Phase)
Weight (Lbs.) 1500
Length 69"
Width 32"
Height 46"
*** Other Voltages available by special order

Standard programmer can hold up to 170 programs with 10 bends per program!


Operator Control Station allows user to store up to 170 programs, with up to 10 bends per program.
Extra heavy duty design normally seen on larger models, means more value for the investment.
The Model 350-S pipe benders utilizes a portable cart with wheels for easy mobilization around the production floor.
To program a bend punch in the bend (bend 1, 2, 3, etc.), then desired angle, add spring back for the material. When complete run program with one or multiple bends. Operator interface can store up to 170 programs for quick set up.
This pipe benders capacity is up to 2.5 inch Schedule 40 Pipe (up to 3.0 inch tube .187 wall thickness).
Operator Control Station allows operator to control the bend (speed, forward, reverse, etc.).
Quick Release Counter Die System allows maximum efficiencies for high production runs.
All die sets are color coded for easy identification (green for pipe, blue for tube, and gray for square).
Foot pedal indexing allows for hands free operation

Power: Model 350-S pipe benders are 240 V, Three Phase, 60 hertz.
Bend Material: Round or square tubing, pipe, flat stock, angle iron, or solid rod.
Fast Change Over: Dies and counter dies can be changed out in a matter of seconds, no tools required.
Maximum bend is 180 degrees (plus spring back).
Maximum speed is 6 seconds at 180 degrees.
Maximum Center Line Radius is 24 inch.
Speed: Five preset speeds to choose from (depending on material).
Custom dies available
This pipe bender weighs in at Approximately 1200 lbs.

Rotary positioning table available in various table lengths for repeatable bends in a single piece of material. Allows this bending machine to have accurate bends in varying planes, as well as consistent measurements between bends.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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