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SW-62- Five Station Ironworker

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Five Station Ironworker SW-62

Five Station Fully Integrated Vertical Ironworker:

True vertical movement on all stations - less deformation and cleaner cuts - no waste!
Oversize, 2 piece quick release punching table with adjustable stops and sae / metric scale - Standard!
Oversize notching table with adjustable stops - Standard!
Manual back gauge for precise operation at all stations - Standard!
CE Approved Cover inter-lock system for maximum safety - Standard!
Surprisingly Quiet, smooth and precise operation due to robust welded framework - zero flex!
Remote, three position foot switch for accurate control - Standard!
Adjustable stroke control - Standard!
Long life, multiple edge blades on shearing and notching stations - Standard!
7 sets of round punches and dies included - Standard!
T-slot punching base enables wide range of tooling options and easy adjustment - Standard!
Two Piece, Self Centering Quick Release Punch Retaining System w/ Spanner Wrench - Standard!
Easy Adjust, Swing Away Material Stripper - Standard!
World Class, name brand components for years of hassle free productivity - Standard!
Jog mode enables accurate tooling alignment in minimal time - Standard!
Shear table w / scribed angle markings and material guides - Standard!
Adapters to fit Cleveland Tool punch and die sets - Standard!
Punch capacity up to 1 " round - Standard!
Angle iron, Flat bar, Round and Square stock Shearing - Standard!
Rectangular Notching - Standard!
Hole punch - Standard!
Multiple tooling options available - Contact Your Baileigh Representative for more information!
Baileigh's industry leading five station 62 ton Hydraulic Ironworker is the perfect addition to any fabrication shop where punching, shearing and notching is required in plate, bar, and various types of angle iron. This iron worker was designed and is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring a lifetime of productivity for your enterprise.

All Baileigh Ironworkers utilize true vertical movement that has eliminated any sort of pivot and mechanism allowing for the smoothest punching station on the market. The extremely heavy duty all welded integrated steel frame and vertical motion allow the operator to punch at full capacity with no jarring or vibration, allowing for reduced tooling costs and longer machine life. The SW-62 has a deep 8" throat. Stable, oversized work tables with locking material guides are coupled with a very visible metered scale allowing for fast setup and aid the operator during multiple production runs.

The shearing station has the ability to cleanly cut through metal with absolutely no left over waste (noting many other popular brands of Ironworkers leave a kerf or slug of waste). A solid material clamp can be quickly adjusted via a knurled handle. The operator table is oversized with locking material guides and scribed angle markings, to assist with multiple production runs. The material template allows for round, square, flat and angle iron sheering with optional profiles available. There is a quick position template for producing perfect 30, 45, or 60 degree angles in seconds.

The notching station allows for quick notches of plate, angel or U-channel in seconds. Proper guarding lifts out of the way when in production and drops down safely when not in use. The notching station has an oversized metered work table that helps keep material from lifting. Locking product stops are standard offering quick set up and additional accuracy when working on multiple production runs of the same part.

The SW-62 Ironworker can be ordered with service requirements of: 220V, 60 Hertz, Single Phase or 220V, 60 Hertz, Three Phase.

Imperial Metric
Punching Pressure 62 Tons 55 Tons
Punch Capacity 1.125" x .625" 28 mm x 15 mm
(Diameter x Thickness) 1.625" x .437" 40 mm x 11 mm
Throat Depth 8" 200 mm
Max Stroke Length 2" 50 mm
Cycles / Min 28
Working Height Up to Die 39.5" 1000 mm
Flat Shearing
Flat Bar Shearing 13.25" x .625" 350 mm x 15 mm
(Width x Thickness) - -
Blade Length 14.125" 360 mm
Angle Flange Trim 4" 100 mm
Working Height 31.5" 799 mm
Angle Shearing
At 90 Shearing 4" x 4" x .375" 100 mm x 100 mm x 8 mm
Working Height 40" 1012 mm
Bar Shearing
Round Bar Shear 1.5" 40 mm
Square Bar Shear 1.5" x 1.5" 38 mm x 38 mm
Working Height 44" 1113 mm
Rectangular Notcher (W x D x T) 2" x 3.5" x .312" 50.8 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm
Working Height 40" 1000 mm
Special Tooling
Single Vee Press Brake (L x T) 6.312" x .312"* 160mm x 8 mm*
Multi-Vee Press Brake (L x T) 9.875" x .156"* 250 mm x 4 mm*
Angle Bending* 2.5" x .312"* 65 mm x 8 mm*
Pipe Notching* 2.5"* 63 mm*
Channel Shear 4"* 102 mm*
I Beams Shear 4"* 102 mm*
Vee-Notcher (Side x Side x T)* 3.5" x 3.5" x .312"* 90 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm*
Electric Power (HP) 5 HP
Net Weight (Apr.) 2,310 lbs 1050 kg
Machine Dimension Apr. (L x W x H) 45" x 30" x 68" 1143 mm x 762 mm x 1727 mm
* Optional Tooling - See your Baileigh Rep
Based on material tensile strength of 65,000 PSI.
Design subject to change without notice.
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