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Slugger GX75 Belt Grinding Machine

7 90 10 112 44 3
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440v 3ph 1 speed - Designed for workshop or short-run production, the Slugger GX series is impressive, above all, because of its outstanding cost effectiveness. No matter whether coarse grinding or finishing: With Slugger GX machines you’ll work fast and get high-quality results.They are easy to convert from one application to another, safe in use, and feature extremely robust construction.

The appropriate add-on modules convert your base machine into a radius or cylindrical grinding machine.


Belt grinder with modular expansion capability, for trade use and small production runs.

Power consumption 4 hp, (440v, 6.8 amps), 3 phase

No-load speed 3,600 rpm

Belt dimensions 3 × 79 in (75 × 2,000 mm)

Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)

Model number 7 90 10 112 44 3, GX 75, 440v 3ph 1 speed


See below for a list of add-on modules:

GXR Radius Grinding Module

GXC Cylindrical Grinding Module

GXW Cooling Lubricant Module

GXE Deburring Machine


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