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Slugger GXC Cylindrical Grinding Module

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The GXC cylindrical grinding module allows for perfect surfaces on tubular material. The conversion to a "Centerless" cylindrical grinding machine is done in just a few steps. Efficiency and flexibility are apparent in the design and construction.


  • Interchangeable guide rails for different materials
  • Continuously variable speed 0-6½ ft /min (0-2m/min)
  • Continuously variable pressure
  • Electric plug for connection of cooling lubricant module Slugger GXW
  • Four steerable casters provide easy handling



  • Cost effective grinding of tubes and shafts from –4 in (10–100 mm) diameter
  • High operating speed combined with maximum surface quality
  • Maximum flexibility from compatibility with the Slugger GI series using adapters
  • Perfect processing using wet grinding in combination with cooling lubricant module Slugger GXW



Model Slugger GXC Cylindrical grinding module for perfect surfaces on ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless tubular materials.
Feed motor power 180 W
Feed speed 0–6.5 ft /min (0–2m/min)
Tube diameters ³/–4 in (10 –100 mm)
Belt dimensions 3 × 79 in (75 × 2,000 mm)
Weight 106 lbs (48 kg)
Model number 7 90 10 312 44 3
Includes: 1 guide rail nylon; 1 guide rail brass; 1 CEE plug (16 Amp)

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