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Slugger GXE Deburring Machine

7 90 10 500 23 3
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An outstanding complement to the Slugger GX series: The Slugger GXE deburring machine takes the final step. Extremely effective for deburring tubes, profiles and flat stock. The wide range of Slugger deburring brushes overcomes practically every deburring challenge.

With or without extraction, both machine bases are ideal for the Slugger GXE deburring machine. They are easy to assemble, robustly built and extremely durable. These machine bases are also suitable for the Slugger GI series (Slugger GI 100 and Slugger GIE).



  • Maximum operating safety with the integrated circuit breaker and motor protection
  • Tool-free adjustment of the gap between wire wheel and workpiece table
  • Height adjustable workpiece support
  • Can be mounted on a machine base or a workbench
  • Integrated dust extraction port for connection to Slugger GIXBE dust extraction base or external collection system



  • Rapid and effective deburring of pipes and profiles
  • Can also be used as a polisher (with polishing wheels)
  • Versatile, due to a wide range of available wire brushes



Model Slugger GXE
Extremely efficient deburring machine for trade use and small production runs
Power 3 hp (2.2 kw)
Speed 1,800 rpm
Max. wheel dimensions 10 × 2³/ in (250 × 60 mm) (wire wheel not included)
Power cord 7 ft (2 m)
Weight 71 lbs (32 kg)
Order number 7 90 10 500 23 3, GXE 2V, 220v 3ph, or 7 90 10 500 23 3, GXE, 440v 3ph


Machine Bases

GIXS Machine Base without Dust Extraction

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