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T40 Digit Horizontal Press

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T40 Digit Horizontal Press Carell / SIMASV Fully Hydraulic Horizontal Bulldozer Presses can perform a multitude of bending, forming, straightening, punching and shearing operations.
Machines have a heavy duty, oversized, and hardened machined work bed without encumbrances. With the thrust cylinder mounted beneath the work bed, a wider variety of part configurations can be produced without the interference found on other brands with top mounted cylinders.
Micrometric Stroke Regulation allows unmatched precision in operation. Machines have forced lubrication and are equipped with a pair of rapid lock/release punch and die holder pins. A multitude of optional tool types is available and custom tooling is easily produced to resolve your specific production needs. Tools mount to punch & die holders with cross slotted dove tail and key

Effective Tonnage

Punch Stroke

Work Bed Size
24.8" x 43.3"

Working Height

Pump Motor

Central Lubrication
with Reservoir
T Handle

Tool Pin Center Distances
4.72" / 12.59"

Machine Weight Lbs
1,980 / 2,100

Tool Holder /
Pin Diameter
2.16"/ 2.48"

Standard Tool Holder
Pin Height
*optional height up-to
4.72" / * 7.87"

Oil Capacity Gal.
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