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TN-900 Abrasive Tube & Pipe Notcher

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TN-900 Abrasive Tube & Pipe Notcher

Specifications and Capacities: TN-900
Mild Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 2.5"
Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40) 2.5"
Stainless Steel Pipe (Schedule 40) 2.5"
Mild Steel Round Tube 3"
Aluminum Round Tube 3"
Stainless Steel Round Tube 3"
Chromolly Round Tube 3"
Mild Steel Solid Rod 3"
Mild Steel Square Tube 3"
Minimum OD .75"
Power Requirements 220V (1-Phase)
Weight (Lbs.) 425
Length 68"
Width 40"
Height 43"

Baileigh's TN-900 abrasive tube notcher is perfect for coping the ends of tubing or pipe at almost any angle imaginable. It uses a powerful 5hp motor that requires 220V, single phase to turn the 79" x 6" belt at speeds of 5400' per minute, so it quickly can notch through pipe or tubing in seconds giving the fabricator that perfect fit every time. This notching machine has a quick release taper lock mechanism for loosening the vise for making angle or position adjustments in seconds with no tools.

The vise carriage rides on a smooth Thompson shaft assembly for precision and ease of movement during the notching cycle. The notching lever is pivoted to make notching effortless for the operator. The vise is self centering for perfect belt positioning every. The vise jaws are of a V-block design to keep the part on center with the notching spindle and this design holds the part more securely. The TN-900 pipe notcher has a carriage stop for repeatable notches every time.

Baileigh's abrasive tube notchers require different size spindles for each different OD intended to notch. By loosening the belt tension hand wheel the operator can change out the spindle with a new size in seconds. Press the grinding switch and lift the guard on the back of the machine and you now have a productive abrasive grinder for your shop. Thus, this pipe notcher is really two machines in one.

Tubing notchers with a 6" wide belt can notch larger OD's at more aggressive angles than standard 4" wide machines. The TN-900 is a 6" wide notching machine that is coupled with the best vise and carriage system on the market making it a very profitable machine to any fabrication shop where they need to notch hand railing, roll cages or various types of chassis.
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