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Universal electric hydraulic mandrel bender UNI 70/HC, an accurate and powerfull pipe bending machine able to bend large diameters as well as thin and delicate pipes with optimum and constant bending radii and without any pipe deformation: suitable to satisfy every exigency of people operating in the plumbing, nautical, hydraulic, industrial, implantation field and most of all ornamental.

More than the UNI70/C with mandrel manual digital this machine includes the following features:
Microprocessor controlled software able to store up to 50 bending angles along with different recovery angles.
Possibility to program 50 different sequences with 9 max. bends each in an automatic working cycle.
Automatic hydraulic system for the closure and opening of the bending accessories.
Programmable extraction of the mandrel to accomplish a very high quality bend.
Nominal capacity of 2" (50.8x 2mm.) Stainless steel.
Power supply 220V 60HZ (other voltages upon request).
Mechanical chuck to position the tube with length and plane stops.
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